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  1. saaby000 answered: Become more pro-active in Politics.. no excuse for sitting around and just letting things happen.
  2. erickaforman answered: I would be happy if we could, in some way, make our elected official understand the humans behind the policies.
  3. wats-good-gabby answered: To spend more hours volunteering at local homeless shelters and providing more of my income to charity. Every little helps ~
  4. self-emulation answered: end capitalism
  5. jadkirk answered: Own more Guinea Pigs.
  6. smootymormonhelldream answered: A political party that actually stands for progressive values. I’m proud to be Green!
  7. converginginterests answered: To stop just typing, talking, and posting - and get onto the streets, protesting, pushing, and taking pics.
  8. scifigamingmom answered: Misandry. Because I’m tired of men shitting all over me. It’s time to fight back women*.
  9. houseoforange answered: To be more inclusive of queer people of color in the media!
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