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Nine incredibly important things that happened this year that most people aren’t talking about

  1. Human rights abuses in North Korean prisons reached a level not seen since Nazi atrocities. 

  2. The Tea Party became a major advocate for solar energy. 

  3. The Supreme Court green-lighted the execution of people with severe mental disabilities. 

  4. Vaccine conspiracy theories created local epidemics of deadly, previously eradicated diseases. 

  5. American cities criminalized homelessness.

and much more.

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This was a busy year for progressives, who celebrated victories and regrouped after defeats. It was also a trying year for the country as a whole, as we bid farewell to familiar faces and comforted one another amidst tragedy. Around the globe, this year saw everything from a royal birth and to a stately death.

A look back at the iconic images of 2013.

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Add these to your must-see list: The 14 best movies of 2013.

Add these to your must-see list: The 14 best movies of 2013.

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5 reasons why 2013 was the best year in human history.

Here are five simple, powerful reasons why you should believe the world has never been better — and is getting better still.

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5 reasons why 2013 was the best year in human history. 

5 reasons why 2013 was the best year in human history. 

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What’s your progressive resolution?

ThinkProgress listed ours over here.

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Our resolutions for 2013

  • Reform the broken immigration system.
  • Enact sensible gun safety laws.
  • Secure higher wages and benefits for workers.
  • Enhance oversight of the drones program.
  • Adopt a more effective federal drug policy.
  • Embrace progressive monetary policy.
  • Reform the filibuster.
  • Repeal the anti-gay Defense of Marriage Act.
  • Advance national standards for federal elections.
  • Minimize risky bank transactions.
  • Invest in infrastructure.
  • And, obviously, cut our fossil fuels to combat global warming

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