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Emails Reveal School Canceled Musical For ‘Homosexual Themes,’ Then Lied About It


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Gay Christian Rock Star Schools Homophobic Pastor On Live TV

Must watch.

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Arizona State Lineman Comes Out As First Openly Gay Major College Football Player

Sun Devils’ lineman Chip Sarafin came out as gay in a recent magazine interview.

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Nebraska Denies Woman Driver’s License Because She’s Married To Another Woman

She changed her name five years ago when she married in Iowa, but Nebraska won’t recognize it.

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Texas Children’s Home Fires Employee Just For Being Gay

When Casey Stegall’s state-funded employer found out he had a same-sex partner, he was promptly — and legally — fired.

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For Every Anti-Gay Protester At A Concert, Panic! At The Disco Donates $20 To Human Rights Campaign

Well that’s one way to handle the Westboro Baptist Church.

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Ultimately we are an organization that does not discriminate; many of us know people who are gay, lesbian and transgender. They are our aunts and uncles, nephews and nieces, friends, co-workers and neighbors.

Labor group stands up to Catholic Church, refuses to cut ties with LGBT allies.

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VIDEO: We Talked To The People At Yesterday's Anti-Gay March. Here's What They Said

You don’t want to miss this.

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Obama Administration Announces Executive Order Protecting LGBT Employees Of Federal Contractors

The single largest expansion of LGBT workplace protections in our country’s history.

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If you’re celebrating TWO fathers this Sunday, Hallmark has you covered.

If you’re celebrating TWO fathers this Sunday, Hallmark has you covered.


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