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All of these people are on the NRA’s enemies list.


Somehow, we were left off :(

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Boy bands are even creepier than you thought


Think Progress takes a closer listen to your favorite boy band jams and realizes things are creepier than you initially thought:

  • The Monkees are dismissive to women.
  • The Jackson 5 slut-shames.
  • *N Sync defines textbook negging. 
  • The Backstreet Boys are straight up needy. 

I just had this necessary followup with our culture blogger & author of the piece Alyssa Rosenberg:

Me: What about LFO? 
Alyssa: They’re mostly just horrible, less creepy
Me: Really? I’d say there’s a little creepiness.
Alyssa: They’re oglers rather than controllers

(Source: think-progress)

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Boy bands are even creepier than you thought

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