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Tennessee Drug Tests Welfare Applicants, Discovers Less Than One Percent Use Drugs

That’s a positive drug use rate of 0.12 percent, compared to an 8 percent illegal drug use rate for the state generally.

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We could have fighting and killing over cigarettes if we made it a felony to sell a cigarette or smoke one. So we legalized it. If all you do is try to find a police or military solution to the problem, a lot of people die and it doesn’t solve the problem.

Bill Clinton joins other world leaders to declare the War on Drugs a failure. Read their comments here.

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The so called War on Drugs has not succeeded in making significant reductions in drug use, drug arrests or violence. We are pouring huge amounts of our public resources into this current effort that are bleeding our public treasury and unnecessarily undermining human potential […] We should be investing dollars in programs and strategies that work not just to lower crime but work to empower lives.

Mayor Cory Booker lashes out against the failed drug war.

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