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FACT: In 2012, Black and Hispanic voters waited an average of 20.2 minutes.

White voters? 12.7 minutes.

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The first photo of Obama taking Romney’s concession call. If only we could see the other end of the line. via

The first photo of Obama taking Romney’s concession call. If only we could see the other end of the line. via

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Ohio's Secretary Of State may be illegally tossing ballots

And you thought it was over…

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An Idaho lawmaker has a "last chance" idea how states can prevent Obama's reelection.

She said she doesn’t know “if it’s realistic”.  [Hint: It’s not].

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People spoke. Move on, get on with it.

Former First Lady Barbara Bush, on last week’s election.

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Yeah, a very high concentration of people of color. It’s not a problem, but, you know, when I go to the mall I see, you know this amount. Well I’m seeing at least double or triple that amount here.

A Republican poll worker complained about high turnout among “people of color.” The whole thing + video.

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The President’s campaign focused on giving targeted groups a big gift—so he made a big effort on small things. Those small things, by the way, add up to trillions of dollars.

Mitt Romney says the only reason Obama won is because he gave “big gifts” to blacks and Latinos.

Read the rest of his outrageous claims.

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CORRECTION: No calls on Warren or Baldwin races yet that we know of yet. We will be more careful moving forward. Lots of bad info out there.

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3 things to know about Massachusetts Senator-Elect Elizabeth Warren

1. She was the original head of the high-effective Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
2. She supports medical marijuana
3. She is a huge supporter of LGBT rights.

Check out the rest of ThinkProgress’ election night liveblog

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