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BREAKING: Obamacare Enrollment Tops 6 Million

Obamacare hits its target.

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Moments after Jan Brewer vetoes discriminatory bill, Ohio legislators withdraw anti-gay bill modeled on Arizona

“We feel that it is in the best interest of Ohioans that there be no further consideration of this legislation.”


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Nine incredibly important things that happened this year that most people aren’t talking about

  1. Human rights abuses in North Korean prisons reached a level not seen since Nazi atrocities. 

  2. The Tea Party became a major advocate for solar energy. 

  3. The Supreme Court green-lighted the execution of people with severe mental disabilities. 

  4. Vaccine conspiracy theories created local epidemics of deadly, previously eradicated diseases. 

  5. American cities criminalized homelessness.

and much more.

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Mike Huckabee is starting a news site called Huckabee Post (yes, that’s really the name).
Here’s how it could actually work.

Mike Huckabee is starting a news site called Huckabee Post (yes, that’s really the name).

Here’s how it could actually work.

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This was a busy year for progressives, who celebrated victories and regrouped after defeats. It was also a trying year for the country as a whole, as we bid farewell to familiar faces and comforted one another amidst tragedy. Around the globe, this year saw everything from a royal birth and to a stately death.

A look back at the iconic images of 2013.

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The year in guns: What’s happened, and what hasn’t, since Newtown.

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How the world is celebrating the life of Nelson Mandela

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A Mass Shooting Happened Yesterday But You Didn’t Hear Anything About It

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BREAKING: Federal Judge Blocks Texas’ New Abortion Restrictions

That one Wendy Davis protested for 11 hours and Rick Perry passed anyway. 

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Everything you need to understand the government shutdown

Our coverage so far (today), in one exhaustive list:

1. The GOP’s three year campaign to shut down the government. 

2. The economic cost of shutting down the government.

3. GOP Congresswoman and Fox News cheer government shutdown.

4. The government may have shut down, but Obamacare’s marketplaces are still launching today.

5. Federal workers may not get paid even after the shutdown ends.

6. GOP wants the budget conference i rejected for last six months to undo shutdown.

7. The shutdown will cost $300 million today. Then it will get worse. 

8. Shutdown will deny even more preschoolers access to Head Start.

9. Immigrants can still be deported, arrested during government shutdown.

10. Non-essential: Iraqi and Afghan interpreters abandoned amid government shutdown.

11. What the shutdown means for energy and environmental programs.

12. Here is why the GOP’s proposal to conference with the Senate is a sham.

13. FLASHBACK: In 2010, House Republicans demanded “clean” funding bill.

14. How the world sees it.

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