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Why J.J. Abrams is the wrong choice to direct Star Wars Episode VII

Because we really need our pop culture franchise to be dominated by an increasingly limited number of visions…

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Dear Internet: Joss Whedon shouldn’t run everything (aka “Star Wars”)

There, we said it. Joss Whedon isn’t perfect. TP’s Alyssa Rosenberg:

It’s not that I dislike Whedon, or many of the products he’s given us over the years. But I think there’s something disturbing about the idea that Joss Whedon is good at everything, or that the things that Joss Whedon is excellent at are necessarily the best things that our mass culture can do. It’s a homogenizing impulse—I shudder to think of a world with one dominant action movie sensibility, especially one that particular. And it ignores the fact that for all of Whedon’s strengths, he has weaknesses, a number of which would be particularly tricky for a revitalized Star Wars franchise.

Read Alyssa’s full take down

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How Disney could make Star Wars Episode VII (coming 2015!) awesome.

How Disney could make Star Wars Episode VII (coming 2015!) awesome.

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